The network of organizational units for human resources management from the public sector institutions is established on the basis of Article 12 paragraph (3) and (4) of the Law on Administrative Officers ("Official Gazette of the Republic of Macedonia" No. 27/14, 199 / 14, 48/15, 154/15, 5/16, 142/16 and 11/18).

The Network of Organizational Units for Human Resources Management of the public sector institutions (the Network) is a platform for communication, coordination and cooperation between the organizational units for human resources management, represented by the head of the unit, that is, an administrative officer designated to carry out activities in the area of human resource management in public sector institutions.

The network is organized in order to ensure the efficient application of laws and other regulations in the procedures for selection, employment, promotion, mobility, co-ordination of professional development and management of the effect from work, salaries and allowances, motivation, responsibilities and termination of employment of the employees in the institutions . In addition, the Network's objectives are:

The Public Administration Awards

A unique, joint endeavour of ReSPA and OECD/SIGMA to enhance governance initiatives in the Western Balkans region.


For the first time in the Western Balkans region an awards system has been established aimed to identify, promote, learn from and recognise inspiring practices, initiatives, services and measures by the Western Balkans governments.


This unique endeavour aims to involve and promote the most effective and efficient practices among the Western Balkans governments that can inspire and push the region forward on the path toward European Union membership.


By focusing on initiatives that ensure continuity in the delivery of public services, resilience and responsiveness of public administrations, the award system will be organised annually. It will include different categories, depending on the needs and challenges that will appear in the WB region.


The 2020 Award Category: Adaptabillity of the government during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic


This year, the focus is on the successful responses by the Western Balkans administrations to the COVID-19 crisis which forced the governments to be inventive and responsive to deal effectively with issues concerning both public health, public services and the economy.


The Awards highlight government efforts that advance, promote and anchor innovative, effective, inclusive and adaptable tools and systems in the Western Balkans public administrations in order to deal with extraordinary situations supporting citizens, businesses and other Governmental entities.

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The 2020 Award Criteria


The applications submitted must fall within the following areas linked to the mandate, vision, objectives, and mission of both ReSPA and OECD/SIGMA, namely: Better Regulations, Good Governance, Digital Government, Quality Management, Public Administration Reform (PAR), Public Financial Management and Human Resource Management and Development.

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Who can apply / be nominated?


The PA AWARDS 2020 is open to public sector institutions at the national level from all ReSPA Members (Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia) and Kosovo* The call is also open for the sub-national and local level institutions in case there is a proved connection (collaboration/partnership / transfer of knowledge) with a PA institution at the national level. In the case of public-private partnerships, the lead nominee must be a public sector institution. Individuals cannot participate in the award.


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*This designation is without prejudice to positions on status, and is in line with UNSCR 1244 and ICJ Advisory opinion on the Kosovo Declaration of independence




Working Meeting of Members of the Network of Organizational Human Resource Management Units

The Ministry of Information Society and Administration, in cooperation with the OSCE Mission to Skopje, organized the first working meeting with Members of the Network of Organizational Human Resource Management Units.

The underlying aim of the meeting was the significance of the Network in the context of public administration reform. An open discussion was also held on the electronic portal, manner of organization of the Idea and Opinion Exchange Forum operating as part of the Human Resource Management Network, expected amendments to the Law on Administrative Servants and the Law on Public Sector Employees, as well as on analysis of needed trainings for human resource deparments.

During the meeting, participants exchanged multiple ideas, opinions and potential manners to organize the Forum of the Human Resource Management Network, problems administrative servants face during their work and application of the Laws, as well as the need for training that would help administrative servants in their line of work.

Notably, the Ministry of Information Society and Administration, in cooperation with the OSCE Mission to Skopje, organized two more working meetings with other institutions, on the territory of the Republic of North Macedonia. 








Strategy for Public Administration Reform 2018-2022

Реформата на јавната администрација (РЈА) претставува континуиран процес на реорганизација на институциите во јавниот сектор и унапредување на нивниот административен капацитет, а воедно и еден од клучните приоритети во пристапното партнерство и важен предуслов во процесот на европска интеграција на Република Македонија. На државната и на јавната администрација се гледа како на основа на целокупниот јавен сектор од кој зависат процесите и развојот во секое демократско општество. Работата во јавниот сектор ги одразува демократските вредности во целина и во таа смисла сите институции имаат одговорност даработат кон остварување на подобра вредност за граѓаните и бизнисите и со тоа да обезбедат социјален и економски развој, односно просперитет на државата во целина. Стратегијата за реформа на јавната администрација 2018 – 2022 ги утврдува мерките кои ќе бидат преземени во наредните пет години за остварување општите и посебните цели дефинирани во секоја од приоритетните области. Стратегијата за реформа на јавната администрација 2018-2022 година и Акциски план на стратегијата за реформа на јавната администрација можете да ги најдете на следниве линкови:
Стратегија за реформа на јавната администрација 2018-2022
Акциски план за Стратегијата за реформа на јавната администрација 2018-2022


Revised Methodology for performing functional analysis

The Ministry of Information Society and Administration with the support of the British Embassy in the Republic of Macedonia, within the framework of the project "Support to public administration reform" implemented by the Center for Change Management, prepared a new revised and improved version of the Methodology for conducting functional analysis in the institutions from the public sector.The goal is to help institutions through the process to help institutions through the implementation of this analysis to get a real and complete picture of the willingness of the institution to implement the necessary improvements in the short and medium term for better performing of its basic functions.







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